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I was honored to photograph Chelsea and Alex’ wedding at South Coast Winery in Temecula last month. It was a beautiful spring day and Chelsea and Alex both had such a peaceful spirit about them. They are a beautiful couple and I wish them all the best in marriage!

Images photographed with a Nikon D3 and Contax 645 on Kodak Portra 400 film, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

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Vendors: Ceremony and reception venue: South Coast Winery, Temecula, CA | Coordinator: Keli Christenson, Monarch Weddings | Florals: Suzan M. Florals | Catering: South Coast Winery | Cake: Elizabethan Desserts | DJ: DJ Hevrock, Sleeping Giants Music | Hair: Heather Molchanoff, Hot Seat Salon | Makeup: Holly McNutt, Hot Seat Salon

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We are just four weeks away (give or take) from meeting our second bundle of joy! It’s pretty different this time around since we are not finding out the gender. I would love for Colt to have a little brother, but I would also really love to have one of each and a sweet girl to share that mother-daughter bond with. Either way, we will be thankful to have another healthy little one in our family! My sister Heather was so sweet to join us up in the mountains a few weeks ago to take some family/maternity photos for us. Boy is it tough being on the other side of the camera with a one and a half year old! Haha! He did not want to sit still or be held for one minute! Little guy just wants to explore everything.

I am beginning to wonder what my life will look like once I have two kids. Just when I thought I had everything dialed in, it’s about to change all over again! It is a blessing to be self-employed and to work from home so I can spend a lot of time with Colt, but it is also a huge challenge to balance work and home life and juggle all of the responsibilities that come with each. But – I know God will equip me for all of this, as long as I choose to focus on Him and not to let worry, impatience or expectations crowd out my need for and reliance on Him. I’ve been warned that there may be some challenging days ahead with two under two, but I want to embrace this season with joy. I cannot wait to meet my second baby and to see how our family expands with love once again.

©Acres of Hope Photography_0526©Acres of Hope Photography_0527©Acres of Hope Photography_0528©Acres of Hope Photography_0529©Acres of Hope Photography_0530©Acres of Hope Photography_0531©Acres of Hope Photography_0532©Acres of Hope Photography_0533©Acres of Hope Photography_0534©Acres of Hope Photography_0535©Acres of Hope Photography_0536©Acres of Hope Photography_0537©Acres of Hope Photography_0538©Acres of Hope Photography_0539©Acres of Hope Photography_0540©Acres of Hope Photography_0541©Acres of Hope Photography_0542©Acres of Hope Photography_0543©Acres of Hope Photography_0544©Acres of Hope Photography_0545©Acres of Hope Photography_0546©Acres of Hope Photography_0547©Acres of Hope Photography_0548©Acres of Hope Photography_0549©Acres of Hope Photography_0550©Acres of Hope Photography_0551©Acres of Hope Photography_0552©Acres of Hope Photography_0553

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  • Bobbie Brown - Beautiful! I wish you all the best with it all — labor and delivery and handling 2 under 2! I have 3 girls (ages 3, 5 and 6) and we are expecting baby #4 in about 8 weeks :) We don’t know the gender either!ReplyCancel

I had the privilege of hosting another 1:1 film mentor session a few weeks ago. It’s really fun to teach the ins and outs of the Contax 645 system – how to operate and shoot with it, load film, use a light meter, etc. I wish I had learned with hands-on experience like this rather than studying the outdated manual and going through lots of trial and error! This lovely family was so sweet to model for us for the shooting portion. They are expecting their little boy in mid-May and I am so thrilled for them!

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