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Southern California Fine Art Film Wedding & Portrait Photography » Southern California Fine Art Film Wedding & Portrait Photography

I wanted to give a special shout-out to my sweet, wonderful husband today on his 35th birthday. It has been such a joy to watch him grow into his role as the father of our two precious boys. He is a man of strong conviction and faith. He is also wildly talented and chooses to honor God in all he does. I am so happy to have been married to him for the last 7 years! He is my best friend and I am so grateful for this adventure we are on together. Happy birthday, my love!

Images photographed with a Contax 645 on Kodak Portra 400 film. Developed and scanned by RPL.

©Acres of Hope Photography_1147©Acres of Hope Photography_1148©Acres of Hope Photography_1149©Acres of Hope Photography_1150©Acres of Hope Photography_1151©Acres of Hope Photography_1152©Acres of Hope Photography_1153©Acres of Hope Photography_1154©Acres of Hope Photography_1155

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I had the honor of documenting the wedding of Samantha and Thomas in a stunning private estate wedding last month. Every detail of their day was so beautifully and meticulously designed. More importantly, I have rarely seen two people more perfectly designed for each other! Congratulations, Sam and Tom – I wish you the most wonderful marriage!

Images photographed on a Nikon D3 and Contax 645 with Kodak Portra 400 film.

©Acres of Hope Photography_1065©Acres of Hope Photography_1066©Acres of Hope Photography_1067©Acres of Hope Photography_1068©Acres of Hope Photography_1069©Acres of Hope Photography_1070©Acres of Hope Photography_1071©Acres of Hope Photography_1072©Acres of Hope Photography_1073©Acres of Hope Photography_1074©Acres of Hope Photography_1075©Acres of Hope Photography_1076©Acres of Hope Photography_1077©Acres of Hope Photography_1078©Acres of Hope Photography_1079©Acres of Hope Photography_1080©Acres of Hope Photography_1081©Acres of Hope Photography_1082©Acres of Hope Photography_1083©Acres of Hope Photography_1084©Acres of Hope Photography_1085©Acres of Hope Photography_1086©Acres of Hope Photography_1087©Acres of Hope Photography_1088©Acres of Hope Photography_1089©Acres of Hope Photography_1090©Acres of Hope Photography_1091©Acres of Hope Photography_1092©Acres of Hope Photography_1093©Acres of Hope Photography_1094©Acres of Hope Photography_1095©Acres of Hope Photography_1096©Acres of Hope Photography_1097©Acres of Hope Photography_1098©Acres of Hope Photography_1099©Acres of Hope Photography_1100©Acres of Hope Photography_1101©Acres of Hope Photography_1102©Acres of Hope Photography_1103©Acres of Hope Photography_1104©Acres of Hope Photography_1105©Acres of Hope Photography_1107©Acres of Hope Photography_1108©Acres of Hope Photography_1109©Acres of Hope Photography_1110©Acres of Hope Photography_1111©Acres of Hope Photography_1112©Acres of Hope Photography_1113©Acres of Hope Photography_1114©Acres of Hope Photography_1115©Acres of Hope Photography_1116©Acres of Hope Photography_1117©Acres of Hope Photography_1118©Acres of Hope Photography_1119©Acres of Hope Photography_1120©Acres of Hope Photography_1121©Acres of Hope Photography_1122©Acres of Hope Photography_1123©Acres of Hope Photography_1124©Acres of Hope Photography_1125©Acres of Hope Photography_1126©Acres of Hope Photography_1127©Acres of Hope Photography_1128©Acres of Hope Photography_1129©Acres of Hope Photography_1131©Acres of Hope Photography_1132©Acres of Hope Photography_1133©Acres of Hope Photography_1134©Acres of Hope Photography_1135©Acres of Hope Photography_1136©Acres of Hope Photography_1137©Acres of Hope Photography_1138©Acres of Hope Photography_1139©Acres of Hope Photography_1140©Acres of Hope Photography_1142©Acres of Hope Photography_1143©Acres of Hope Photography_1144©Acres of Hope Photography_1145©Acres of Hope Photography_1146

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We took the boys down to the bay for an afternoon a few weeks ago to visit some family that were town. You’d think a photographer would be great at taking a camera everywhere and documenting everything, but for some reason it seems to be the opposite! I’m trying to get better at taking everyday pictures of everyday life with our little kiddos. Colt loved playing in the water and sand, we can’t wait to go again!

©Acres of Hope Photography_1056©Acres of Hope Photography_1057©Acres of Hope Photography_1058©Acres of Hope Photography_1059©Acres of Hope Photography_1060©Acres of Hope Photography_1061©Acres of Hope Photography_1062©Acres of Hope Photography_1063©Acres of Hope Photography_1064

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