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We were so overjoyed to welcome our second baby boy into our family on Friday, May 29th at 9:12am. Boone Daniel (Daniel after his daddy’s and great-grandfather’s middle name) was born at home weighing 8 lbs 12 oz and measuring 22 inches long, after only about 6 hours of labor and 12 minutes of pushing! A much faster, easier birth than my first!

Here’s the story if you’re interested. :) I started having contractions around 3am and couldn’t sleep well that night – I had already been up since about 1:30am. I laid in bed and attempted to get some rest until about 5am when I just couldn’t lay there bored any longer! I got up and took a shower and did my hair – haha! Once I finished that (priorities, people!) I awoke Deven at around 6:15am and told him that it was time to make some phone calls. We notified our midwife Gerri, called my sister Heather (who took all of these wonderful photos) and my mom, who was going to come and watch Colt for the birth. About a half hour later, I told Deven that they all needed to get here quickly! I could tell that this birth was going to be more intense and much quicker. Our midwives arrived shortly after 7am and by 9am I was fully dilated and ready to push! I don’t remember how many pushes it took, but about 12 minutes later I felt the relief of holding my baby in my arms. We did not find out the gender this time around, so after a few minutes of holding him to my chest we lifted him up and saw that he was a BOY! It was very exciting, although both Deven and I had a feeling it was going to be a boy all along. :)

Giving birth to my baby boys was the most physically difficult thing I have ever done – but having them both at home was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It is so exhilarating to have a natural birth, so peaceful to be in the comfort and quiet of your own home, so beautiful to be surrounded by family – my hubby, my sister, my mom, my sweet son Colt, and so empowering to conquer the momentous task of giving birth without any intervention. I am so grateful for the birthing experiences I’ve had. I couldn’t have done this without my incredible birthing coach, husband, partner and best friend. Deven did an amazing job of coaching me through contractions and helping me relax to minimize the pain and allow my body to do the work it needed to. He is my rock during birth and I never wanted him more than a few inches from my side. Our midwife Gerri is an incredible and extremely capable midwife and I’m so thankful for her wisdom, expertise and skill in helping us bring our little one into the world. So thankful for my sister Heather who took these wonderful photos for us. Not only did she preserve these memories for us, she was the first person to arrive on the morning of the birth and the very last person to leave after tucking us into bed that night; she then came back the next three days in a row and helped cook, clean, play with Colt and just serve us so humbly – you are amazing and we love you, Heath! Thank you, God, for giving us our two beautiful, strong, healthy sons and for allowing us to experience birth as you designed. It is a miracle.

Enjoy the photos. :)

©Acres of Hope Photography_0803©Acres of Hope Photography_0804©Acres of Hope Photography_0805©Acres of Hope Photography_0806©Acres of Hope Photography_0807©Acres of Hope Photography_0808©Acres of Hope Photography_0809©Acres of Hope Photography_0810©Acres of Hope Photography_0811©Acres of Hope Photography_0812©Acres of Hope Photography_0813©Acres of Hope Photography_0814©Acres of Hope Photography_0815©Acres of Hope Photography_0816©Acres of Hope Photography_0817©Acres of Hope Photography_0818©Acres of Hope Photography_0819©Acres of Hope Photography_0820©Acres of Hope Photography_0821©Acres of Hope Photography_0822©Acres of Hope Photography_0823©Acres of Hope Photography_0824©Acres of Hope Photography_0825


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  • Amanda - Such beautiful moments captured forever. I could see in your face how overwhelmed with joy you were in those photos, especially with the ones with all four of you. So thrilled for you and your growing and beautiful family. Congratulations, from the Lewis’s.ReplyCancel

I met Laura and Clay and their adorable son Tucker last month out in Ramona for some family photos and had such a great time capturing the three of them together. Tucker is really close in age to our son Colt and is at such a fun stage in life to document – busy little ones they are! Laura and Clay are also photographers themselves, you can check out their website here.

Images photographed on a Contax 645 with Kodak Portra 400 film. Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

©Acres of Hope Photography_0932©Acres of Hope Photography_0933©Acres of Hope Photography_0934©Acres of Hope Photography_0935©Acres of Hope Photography_0936©Acres of Hope Photography_0937©Acres of Hope Photography_0938©Acres of Hope Photography_0939©Acres of Hope Photography_0940©Acres of Hope Photography_0941©Acres of Hope Photography_0942©Acres of Hope Photography_0943©Acres of Hope Photography_0944©Acres of Hope Photography_0945©Acres of Hope Photography_0946©Acres of Hope Photography_0947©Acres of Hope Photography_0948©Acres of Hope Photography_0949©Acres of Hope Photography_0950©Acres of Hope Photography_0951©Acres of Hope Photography_0952©Acres of Hope Photography_0953©Acres of Hope Photography_0954©Acres of Hope Photography_0955©Acres of Hope Photography_0956©Acres of Hope Photography_0957

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  • Laura - Thank you so much for capturing these photos for us Erica!! We will cherish them forever!!ReplyCancel

I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family of seven last month in the mountains of San Diego. They were such a joy to be around! I think seven is the biggest immediate family I’ve photographed yet, and after just recently becoming a family of four I have major appreciation for these parents! ;)

Images photographed on a Contax 645 with Kodak Portra 400 film. Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

©Acres of Hope Photography_0917©Acres of Hope Photography_0918©Acres of Hope Photography_0919©Acres of Hope Photography_0920©Acres of Hope Photography_0921©Acres of Hope Photography_0922©Acres of Hope Photography_0923©Acres of Hope Photography_0924©Acres of Hope Photography_0925©Acres of Hope Photography_0926©Acres of Hope Photography_0927©Acres of Hope Photography_0928©Acres of Hope Photography_0929©Acres of Hope Photography_0930©Acres of Hope Photography_0931

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Well, since it took us two weeks to name him we are excited to finally introduce our second son, Boone. He was born at home on Friday, May 29th at 9:12am weighing 8 lbs 12 oz and measuring 22 inches long. He is loved so incredibly much by his mom, dad and big brother Colt. Boone means “a blessing,” and he sure has blessed our family. Birth story and more photos to come. :)

©Acres of Hope Photography_0916

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It was with so much joy that we photographed Bree & Chris’ dreamy wedding at The Villa San Juan Capistrano earlier this month! They are such a sweet couple that I have loved getting to know over the last year. Bree and Chris – you both looked so radiantly happy on your wedding and I’m so thankful you asked me to document it! Congratulations again. :)

Images photographed with a Nikon D3 and Contax 645 on Kodak Portra 400 film, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

©Acres of Hope Photography_0685©Acres of Hope Photography_0686©Acres of Hope Photography_0687©Acres of Hope Photography_0688©Acres of Hope Photography_0689©Acres of Hope Photography_0690©Acres of Hope Photography_0691©Acres of Hope Photography_0692©Acres of Hope Photography_0693©Acres of Hope Photography_0694©Acres of Hope Photography_0695©Acres of Hope Photography_0696©Acres of Hope Photography_0697©Acres of Hope Photography_0698©Acres of Hope Photography_0699©Acres of Hope Photography_0700©Acres of Hope Photography_0701©Acres of Hope Photography_0702©Acres of Hope Photography_0703©Acres of Hope Photography_0704©Acres of Hope Photography_0705©Acres of Hope Photography_0706©Acres of Hope Photography_0707©Acres of Hope Photography_0708©Acres of Hope Photography_0709©Acres of Hope Photography_0710©Acres of Hope Photography_0711©Acres of Hope Photography_0712©Acres of Hope Photography_0713©Acres of Hope Photography_0714©Acres of Hope Photography_0715©Acres of Hope Photography_0716©Acres of Hope Photography_0717©Acres of Hope Photography_0718©Acres of Hope Photography_0719©Acres of Hope Photography_0720©Acres of Hope Photography_0721©Acres of Hope Photography_0722©Acres of Hope Photography_0723©Acres of Hope Photography_0724©Acres of Hope Photography_0725©Acres of Hope Photography_0726©Acres of Hope Photography_0727©Acres of Hope Photography_0728©Acres of Hope Photography_0729©Acres of Hope Photography_0730©Acres of Hope Photography_0731©Acres of Hope Photography_0732©Acres of Hope Photography_0733©Acres of Hope Photography_0734©Acres of Hope Photography_0735©Acres of Hope Photography_0736©Acres of Hope Photography_0737©Acres of Hope Photography_0738©Acres of Hope Photography_0739©Acres of Hope Photography_0740©Acres of Hope Photography_0741©Acres of Hope Photography_0742©Acres of Hope Photography_0743©Acres of Hope Photography_0744©Acres of Hope Photography_0745©Acres of Hope Photography_0746©Acres of Hope Photography_0747©Acres of Hope Photography_0748©Acres of Hope Photography_0749©Acres of Hope Photography_0750©Acres of Hope Photography_0751©Acres of Hope Photography_0752©Acres of Hope Photography_0753©Acres of Hope Photography_0754©Acres of Hope Photography_0755©Acres of Hope Photography_0756©Acres of Hope Photography_0757©Acres of Hope Photography_0758©Acres of Hope Photography_0759©Acres of Hope Photography_0760©Acres of Hope Photography_0761©Acres of Hope Photography_0762©Acres of Hope Photography_0763©Acres of Hope Photography_0764©Acres of Hope Photography_0765©Acres of Hope Photography_0766©Acres of Hope Photography_0767©Acres of Hope Photography_0768©Acres of Hope Photography_0769©Acres of Hope Photography_0770©Acres of Hope Photography_0771©Acres of Hope Photography_0772©Acres of Hope Photography_0773©Acres of Hope Photography_0774©Acres of Hope Photography_0775©Acres of Hope Photography_0776©Acres of Hope Photography_0777©Acres of Hope Photography_0778©Acres of Hope Photography_0779©Acres of Hope Photography_0780©Acres of Hope Photography_0781©Acres of Hope Photography_0782©Acres of Hope Photography_0783©Acres of Hope Photography_0784©Acres of Hope Photography_0785©Acres of Hope Photography_0786©Acres of Hope Photography_0787©Acres of Hope Photography_0788©Acres of Hope Photography_0789©Acres of Hope Photography_0790©Acres of Hope Photography_0791©Acres of Hope Photography_0792©Acres of Hope Photography_0793©Acres of Hope Photography_0794©Acres of Hope Photography_0795©Acres of Hope Photography_0796©Acres of Hope Photography_0797©Acres of Hope Photography_0798©Acres of Hope Photography_0799©Acres of Hope Photography_0800©Acres of Hope Photography_0801©Acres of Hope Photography_0802

Vendors: Ceremony and reception venue: The Villa San Juan Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA | Coordinator: Michelle Groom, Mele Amore Events | Florals: Florals by Jenny | Catering: Iva Lee’s Catering | Cake: Sweet & Saucy Shop | DJ & Lighting: Divel Entertainment | Videographer: Danny Vuong, Juicebox Media | Hair & Makeup: Danielle Frizelle

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